About Commonwealth Laboratories, LLC & Breath Tests


Commonwealth Laboratories LLC is a state and federally licensed clinical laboratory that specializes in testing for levels of methane and hydrogen in the breath. For Quality Assurance purposes, we also test for levels of Carbon Dioxide. The purpose of our testing is to help aid in the diagnosis of multiple digestive disorders.

At Commonwealth Labs, we have developed and implemented a mail-order laboratory model that allows physicians to simply stock and dispense our test kits to their patients from their office and we take care of the rest.

We include in the kit an instruction booklet and pre-paid return shipping label.
The patient simply administers the test and returns the breath specimens to us via UPS.
We analyze the specimen and report the result back to you, the physician; via fax or our HIPAA-Compliant, web-based reporting system.

We differ from other laboratories by way of convenience. Other breath testing models can be labor-intensive, time consuming, and inefficient. Many times, breath testing models require physicians to keep the equipment in their office. Other times, breath testing models require physicians to send their patients to a physical collection site, which can be inconvenient for the patient. At Commonwealth, we eliminate the cumbersome process that is many times associated with breath testing and provide a simplistic model that is highly convenient for both the physician and his/her patients.


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