How to Order

We strongly encourage you to contact your physician before ordering a test as most medical insurance providers cover all, or a portion, of the cost of the test.

Note that some health insurance companies require pre-authorization before taking the test. It is best to contact your health insurance representative at the number shown on your card, and inquire about pre-authorization. As very few insurers have in-network laboratories that provide this testing, you may need to have an out-of network referral. If you receive a pre-authorization number, please write it on the information form you will be sending to us with your breath samples.

However, if a patient does not currently have health insurance, or knows that they have not yet met their deductible, then we do offer direct to patient pricing in our Online Store. If you have no medical insurance, please call our office for information. We work with patients individually to determine a payment plan that will be appropriate.

Questions? Contact us!