How it works

Physicians order breath test kits from us at no cost.  They can be stored and dispensed at your office or we can send test kits directly to your patient’s home. In either case patients typically take the test in their home and mail the samples directly to us in a postage paid box.  Our lab performs the analysis and you receive the results at your office via secure fax or you can set up an account and receive them via our HIPPA compliant web based reporting system.

These tests can be performed in the physician's office or the patient's home.

SIBO breath test instructions
Lactose intolerance breath test instructions
Fructose intolerance breath test instructions
Sucrose intolerance breath test instructions

View sample reports of each type of test (pdf):

SIBO breath test report
Lactose intolerance breath test report
Fructose intolerance breath test report
Sucrose intolerance breath test report
H.pylori breath test report

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